Affordable Hardwood Flooring: Finding the Best Wood for Your Kitchen Floor

What Wood to Choose for Your Kitchen Floor

Your kitchen floor is the one place that takes more than any other surface in your home—spilled juice at the breakfast table, muddy paw prints from the pooch, even your children’s spontaneous games of indoor hockey. That is why this heavy-traffic room needs a floor resistant to frequent pressures. So you may wonder: Should hardwood flooring be present in the kitchen? Okay, provided you are ready to mop up spills and comply with the maintenance schedule. You do not need to fear using many durable kitchen flooring. Check out some affordable hardwood flooring you can use for your kitchen floors.


The finishes of hardwood flooring range from satin low-shine to glossy high-shine. Sheen gives your floor that reflective shin and it is good at bouncing natural light around the room. Each sheen has a specific location around your home, but there is a style of sheen that we recommend more for kitchens. Satin sheens are preferable types of coatings for kitchen floors — the sheenier the coating, the dirtier your floor might appear. High-traffic rooms are also covered up by the lower luster so that one can not notice footprints or floor scratches.


Interlocking planks to fit on top of wood flooring. Planks can be cut in different sizes and styles and one can decide on the edge finish they prefer for each plank. A square edge helps in creating an acceptable joint between the planks that is hardly noticeable. A beveled edge or a scraped edge may also be rustic to have such a natural feel of wood. For good-quality flooring for your kitchen, go for flooring strips that have a square edge. Such seams are tight enough to shut out debris while a floor with beveled-edge strips accumulates food and dirt.


Hardwood flooring requires good care and you should be ready for it. As a rule, wipe up spills promptly in order not to stain. Always clean your floors according to the manufacturer’s guide. Rugs must be placed at outside entrances and in front of the appliances and sinks to guard floors against sand and grit damage and wear. Cover their heads with cushions and pads and use protective tips under furniture—sharp chairs sliding about will inflict considerable damage over the years.

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